Question :- Do I need to register to your website before booking a bike or scooter?
Answer :- No. You don’t need to register on the website, all you have to do is put the details while booking a bike or scooter.

Question :- How to request a ride?
Answer :- Go to our website, enter your location & all the websites will appear with best rankings. There you can choose your ride.

Question :- When & where is BikeHired available in the cities of India?
Answer :- BikeHired is available in 160+ cities of India and is available for 24 hours day & night.

Question :- Can I schedule a ride in advance?
Answer :- Of course yes, BikeHired provides an option to customer to book a ride whichever date they want to.

Question :- Can I select a bike or scooter of my choice?
Answer :- Yes, you have multiple choices & different varities of bikes & scooters, from standard scooters & bikes to sports and adventure bikes etc.

Question :- Can I request bike or scooter for a long ride? Or a small ride in cities?
Answer :- BikeHired provides you bikes or scooters for long tour as well as short tours, you can have fun in cities & outdoors as well.

Question :- How do I contact BikeHired?
Answer:- we have provided our users the contact numbers which are available on our website & app.

Question :- Is the pricing higher than others?
Answer :- Not at all, BikeHired provides you the best prices amongst others.